Friday, January 31, 2014

How Great Thou Art

This song is a beautiful reminder of the greatness of our God. He is all knowing, all powerful, and perfect. And He loves us! He loves us so much that not only has he given us a beautiful world to live in, surrounded us by amazing wonderful people, but He has also given us His only begotten son, to be an example to us and to sacrifice for us so that we can live with Him again and be with our families eternally. What an amazing blessing. I hope we can all take time to sit back in "awesome wonder" and "consider all" the wonderful and glorious things God has made for us and done for us. Our souls will then truly sing.

.pdf file (Because I love this song so much here is the .pdf file of the 1st version piano solo)


  1. love your arrangement--thank you!

  2. Lovely! My daughter is learning this as we speak. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents.

  3. My daughter and her mother have been asked to sing a duet of "How Great Thou Art" at a close friend's wedding and they left the task to me to find a good duet arrangement. Your arrangement is perfect, and so beautiful! In the key of Bb, it fits perfectly within their range.Thank you for making this music available. Having been involved in music recording and production for 15 years, I am not used to finding such arrangements without paying royalty. Please let me know where I can send you a royalty payment for 3 copies, as a gracious thank you. John Clark


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