Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Savior's Love

"Our Savior's love shines like the sun with perfect light.
As from above it breaks thru clouds of strife.
Lighting our way, it leads us back into his sight,
where we may stay to share eternal life."

What a beautiful hymn. These words say it all. 
I wrote this hymn arrangement a few years ago. I enjoyed composing songs, but my sister-in-law encouraged me to create a hymn arrangement and this was the hymn that came to my mind. It is such a beautiful melody and the message is just as beautiful.
Our Savior loves us. He died for us. And He lives! He will always be there for us. When we feel like we are at our lowest point, or in our darkest hour, we are NEVER alone. Not ever. The Savior is there with us, always. If we will let Him, his love will break away the darkness and bring us warm light and we will know what to do next and which way to turn.
He wants us to live eternally with him and He will show us the way. He is the way.

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